Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who Needs Limbs? Who Needs Heads?

Yesterday Gusty and I were on the subway coming home and I was talking to him about school.  I had questions about some methods the teachers are using to boost reading comprehension. The conversation went on for some time during which a gentleman got on and sat opposite us.  A few stops later this gentleman got up to leave the train but not without saying to The Prince, "You are a very lucky young man.  You have the best mommy in the world.  Have a great day."

I will try and remember this man the next time I want to rip The Prince's limbs off.

On a less pleasant note not only should I be glad that we have some art at school but I should be glad that we have a school and that our teachers are safe.  The Acapulco drug wars rage on with tens of thousands dead and no end in sight.  These thugs are holding what was once a major tourist destination hostage.  Their latest extortion targets are the teachers.  Its almost October and many schools haven't opened because the teachers are scared and they should be.  They have been told to hand over 1/2 of their pay to the gangs or they will be killed.  Most recently severed heads were left on the steps of a primary school.  I have no idea how to help these people but knowledge is power they say.  This short piece from NPR will help to illustrate the problem.  I can only hope that their children will smile again as Gusty does in the photo below.

Acapulco Teachers Threatened by Drug Gangs

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