Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Like Cocktails

I like cocktails and while rarely drunk I will have a nightly libation. While I love interesting and complex cocktails my at home repertoire usually consists of the vodka and juice variety. Once in a while though when my budget and energy level allow I will make something more ambitious. The caipirinha incredibly simple with lime sugar and cachaca. The gimlets, vodka and gin, essentially made the same way. The martinis, vodka and gin, garnished with a cornucopia of pickles and brined goodies. Lately my favorite toppings are cornichons and caper berries. Then there's the Carte Blanche. I found this recipe in an advertisement for Hendricks gin and went shopping immediately for all the ingredients. This is not a cocktail for every day and in fact the first time I made them I so enjoyed them that I ventured into a third with not so pretty consequences. Won't do that again. Make one for you and a loved one. You won't be sorry (unless you drink too many).

1 ½ parts Hendricks gin
½ part fresh lime juice
½ part simple syrup
a few dashes of orange bitters (the recipe calls for 2 healthy ones)
3 cucumber wheels (I like 4)
brut sparkling wine (I use prosecco)

In a mixing glass muddle 2 cucumber wheels. Add gin, syrup, lime juice, bitters and ice. Shake well and drain into cocktail glass. Garnish with remaining cucumber wheels.


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