Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 11, 2008

One down, one to go.

We had my partner’s birthday dinner on Saturday and it was a success. On the menu?

Seared baby eggplants and shishito peppers
Aged Manchego and a nice little soft cheese from The Cowgirl Creamery in Northern CA
Whole wheat pizza with caramelized onions, smoked mozzarella and oil cured olives
Carrot cake without raisins
Negronis and wine

I made some fresh pasta for Gusty who wasn’t interested in much of our little feast. I was proud of him though because he tried the gazpacho which he didn’t like and discovered a taste for Manchego.

Now for Gusty’s party.

We put together the guest list, which isn’t unmanageable and now I just have to work to inexpensively indulge his desire for a shark themed fete. I hope I can find the cookie cutters. I am also going to put together a simple craft where the guests can make their own shark masks. That should keep them busy and pretending for a good long time. I am also going to get that Klutz book and work on the face painting. Between all that and Pete coming to do his balloon magic we should have a heck of a party. Gusty also wants some streamers in shark themed colors; blue, gray and black.

For a party favor I am considering these cool science books. Each one is about a single subject and has transparent pages that show the insides of things. We have one about the human body and another about dinosaurs but the one Gusty saw and like the best is about Egypt. It has the insides of pyramids and rather politely talks about the humans who built them. He has a fascination with mummies as he does with sharks. Anyway, I think there is one about sharks that will work as parting gifts.

As far as the food goes, that will be the next thing I tackle.

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